301. Uncover Savings with Reporting & Analytics

Want to drive big savings? Learn how to tackle some of the most common inefficiencies.

Manage Peak Demand Charges and Peak Pricing

Peak demand charges represent up to 30% of your bill. Learn what they are and how to manage them.

Identify your peak with Daily Demand Analysis 
Quantify savings with the Peak Demand Identification Report 

Tips for avoiding peak pricing

How to run an On Peak/Off Peak analysis 
How to run a Shift Analysis report 
How to Battle Start-Up Spikes 

Schedule Optimization for No-Cost Savings

Detect less-than-optimal scheduling or BMS overrides automatically.

How to run a Weekend Setback Analysis 
How to manage nighttime baseload with Weeknight Schedule Adjustment Analysis 

Benchmark Your Facility

Understand how buildings rank against other facilities in your portfolio and against industry standards.

How do you stack up to CBECS? 
Overview to Integrating with ENERGY STAR 

101. Get Started with EnerNOC

New to EnerNOC or considering one of our products? Get familiar with the basics here.

What's in the EnerNOC Platform?

Get a brief overview of the basic software tools and resources available to you.

How to log in? 
Overview: Get more from your energy data with EnerNOC 
Energy profiling: Say hello to your real-time data 


Executive Dashboard 
Facilities Dashboard 
Portfolio View 
Setting and tracking a budget 

Maximize Your Demand Response Payments

Find out how to maximize your earnings during demand response dispatches.

EnerNOC Dispatch Notifications: A Step-by-Step Guide 
How to View your DR Dispatch Performance 
How to view and track your payments 

201. Intro to Your Real-Time Data

Ready to dive in to your energy data? Discover tools to manage energy more intelligently.

Analytics & Tools Overview

Use EnerNOC's pre-defined analytics to find and report on savings opportunities.

Analytics Overview 
How to run and automate delivery of Analytics 
5 No/Low-Cost Ways to Drive Savings Today Using Real-Time Energy Data 

Alerts Overview

Use alerts to get more proactive about your energy spend.

How to set up an alert 

Self-Paced Training Resources

Sign Up for Live Online Training

Join us for an introductory webinar to learn the basics of our software applications and how to get the most value from your real-time data.

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