Complimentary eBook: 5 No/Low-Cost Ways to Reduce Energy Costs
How using your real-time energy data will drive greater energy efficiency.
Two of the biggest pain points for facilities staff and energy managers across all industries are that they 1) are short on time, and 2) lack the necessary funds for energy efficiency projects. Oftentimes these hurdles can impede energy efficiency initiatives, when the truth is that a majority of these measures require little to no financial expenditure and minimal investment of time.

Download our complimentary eBook, 5 No/Low-Cost Ways to Drive Savings Today Using Real-Time Energy Data, to learn how using real-time energy meter data can help you identify no and low-cost strategies for energy efficiency. Based on EnerNOC's experience working with thousands of enterprise customers, these energy efficiency measures can help you uncover new dollars that can be used to fund more capital intensive projects and build momentum for energy efficiency at your organization.

This eBook will walk you through these 5 no/low-cost strategies for achieving energy savings:
  • Night, Weekend, and Holiday Setbacks
  • Smart Start-ups
  • Coasting
  • Peak Demand Management
  • Economizing
In each chapter, we discuss key definitions and concepts, as well as provide specific user case studies and potential savings. Stop using utility bills to identify past energy inefficiencies and remove the uncertainty from your energy management approach, starting today.

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