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Don't Be Intimidated by the Energy Procurement Process!
Download this framework for selecting a strategic energy partner.
Here's the bad news:
Energy is an unavoidable cost. Buying it at the best price while mitigating your risk exposure is hard. Over the last decade, many businesses have been burned by failing to hedge their risk sufficiently, failing to understand market dynamics, and failing to incorporate demand-side management into supply-side strategies.

Here's the good news:
You don't have to navigate this complicated process alone.

Download this free whitepaper for a helpful framework that can serve as a useful guide for selecting a consultative, strategic partner that works exclusively on your behalf to develop and execute a procurement strategy suited to the unique needs of your business. 

We think you'll find this information useful, and we look forward to sharing more best practices with you.

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EnerNOC unlocks the full value of energy management for our C&I and utility and grid operator customers, delivering comprehensive demand response, or demand-side management, (including capacity markets, price-responsible markets, and ancillary services), data-driven energy efficiency (including metering, fault detection, energy data analytics, monitoring-based commissioning/persistent commissioning, commissioning, audits, assessments, and energy services), energy price and risk management (including procurement services and utility bill management), and enterprise carbon management (including GHG reporting). Our world-class energy management applications are continuously supported by our Network Operations Center (NOC) at thousands of sites throughout the world, providng cost-effective alternatives to investments in traditional power generation, power transmission and distribution.
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