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Support your local community and earn payments through demand response in Indiana

Through your local utility's demand response program, facilities in Indiana can earn payments year-round in exchange for being on call to reduce energy during grid emergencies.

How does it work?

When PJM, the region's electric grid operator, determines that it needs more supply to meet demand, it dispatches EnerNOC's demand response network, which is made up of local organizations that have agreed to reduce energy during times of high demand. As part this "virtual power plant", organizations help ease stress on the grid and earn payments year round just for being on standby, plus additional payments based on actual reductions during a dispatch. EnerNOC's team will work with you to create an energy reduction plan that's a good fit for your operation. Some examples might include reducing non-essential lighting, adjusting HVAC equipment, or modifying certain manufacturing processes for short periods of time.

EnerNOC's energy intelligence software (EIS) gives you the tools you need to maximize your participation in the program, helping you leverage your earnings to get even more return from your energy management efforts. Our solution gives you the tools to manage all the drivers of energy spend – how you buy it, how much you use, and when you use it – in order to reduce energy costs and improve productivity.

EnerNOC has worked with thousands of organizations including Perdue Farms, Leggett & Platt, Great Lakes Cold Storage, and Lockport Township High School to make demand response a successful part of their energy management strategy.

We invite you to learn more about this unique opportunity at our upcoming breakfast events. In the meantime, learn more about the program details in our FAQ.

About EnerNOC

EnerNOC unlocks the full value of energy management for thousands of customers worldwide by delivering a comprehensive suite of software applications and professional services that help users buy energy better, manage utility bills, optimize energy consumption, participate in demand response, and manage peak demand. Watch a brief demo of our software or visit us at www.enernoc.com to learn more.

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